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1 millón de km. con GLP

Curioso vídeo de un Saab 9-5 turbo que ha alcanzado el millón(1.000.000) de kilómetros a GLP.

  1. Wildan

    Please provide us more dieltas about the Propane delivery tanks, truck mounted.We would love if the truck engine is also running on LPG fuel.We are a local LPG distribution company and would like to purchase 05 propane delivery Trucks. Would appreciate if you can supply us OR identify the manufacturer/supplier.Regards.Zeeshan

    • Movi Ecogas

      Hi Zeeshan,

      Please, contact directly to the manufactures Emer http://www.emer.it

      They has dual systems for trucks propane and diesel until 70%-30% or total conversion systems to propane.

      Thnks and best regards.

  2. Betogarcia

    I have a bi-fuel CNG conversion and get plnety of range for my daily commute, save 65% on fuel, and can still use convenient gasoline when needed. Its a great short term solution. I got a lot of info from skycng.com. They dont sell anything, just reliable info on emissions and conversion.

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